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The premier landscaper and landscape artist of the people for Jacksonville, Florida in Duval and surrounding counties and cities.

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To ProvideThe Highest Quality
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To Provide The
Highest Quality

There are many directions that lead to creating Plantonomics in 2020. The first was the Florida lifestyles in the tropics.  As such, things are always beautiful here.  Secondly, I love residents that are always enjoying the beauty of the state.  From clear skies, relaxing beaches, and of course beautiful, tropical gardens.  Thirdly, it would only be right to continue establishing the oasis for the residents of Jacksonville, Florida. We specialize in container gardens, annuals, bulbs, ground covers, perennials, climbers, flowers, trees, shrubs, color, privacy, bed layouts, planting schemes edibles, and details in the landscape and focal points.  Fifthteen years of landscaping experience.  Certified in Horticulture, Agriculture, Nursery Operation, and Turf Management. It would be a pleasure to bring your green ideas to life.

Jacksonville Landscaping

Our Discovery

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Our Mission

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Michael Sanders

Designed With Love

Landscaping is a form of art.  An artist sees a blank canvas for what it can be.  Not for what it is.  I see a blank yard or run down outdoor space and creativity begins to flow.  I get in a “green” zone.  Imagining the outcome before the work even begins.  It is my years of experience and my love of landscaping that helps me create works of art for you to enjoy day after day.

Michael Sanders

Senior Landscaping Designer, Owner

Michael Sanders

Senior Landscaping Designer, Owner

The Plantonomics Team

Michael Sanders

Michael Sanders


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