Landscaping services at it’s finest.  As a North Florida native, I understand and am familiar with the foliage of the region. Let my experience and knowledge help you create a work of art.

The Best Services. Professional.

With a wide selection of plants, mulch, rock, brushes, trees and top soil to choose from, every creation is customized to your exacting standards and expectations.  An effective design will deliver enjoyment for many months to come.

Landscaping is an extension of your home or workplace.  Give your yard a polished look by adding beautification elements, paths and elevations.  No matter the size and shape of your yard, we fulfill your green ideas and landscaping strategies.

Soil Enrichment

Weed Free & Nutrient Rich.

Fresh & Healthy

Part of a Healthy Lifestyle.

100% Natrual

Environment Friendly.

Jacksonville Landscaping



It takes plenty of experience, and dare I say, talent to design a great looking yard and lawn.

Jacksonville Landscaping



Experienced installation of plants, coverings, and soil treatments to create that special look.

Jacksonville Landscaping



Once the installation is completed, maintaining your new install is of upmost importance.

Landscaping is a form of art.  An artist sees a blank canvas for what it can be.  Not for what it is.  I see a blank yard or run down outdoor space and creativity begins to flow.  I get in a “green” zone.  Imagining the outcome before the work even begins.  It is my years of experience and my love of landscaping that helps me create works of art for you to enjoy day after day.

Michael Sanders

Senior Landscaping Designer, Owner

Michael Sanders

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